About Us

At Woking Homes, we provide a secure, relaxed and homely environment in which the care, wellbeing and comfort of residents are of prime importance.

Our Values


You will be left alone and undisturbed whenever you wish, whether just to get some peace and quiet or to meet with family friends or officials privately.


You will have your needs met with understanding and respect as an individual which is of prime importance.


You will be able to take calculated risks, to make your own decisions and to think and act for yourself.


You will have the right to make decisions for yourself, good or bad, based on relevant comprehensive information provided and the right to have your choices respected.


Your human rights, including the right to be treated equally and having diversities valued and respected will be upheld.


We provide assistance to enable each resident to realise his or her aims and goals in all aspects of daily life to maximise the full potential of each individual.

The Care We Offer

Woking Homes’ qualified team provides residential and respite care for up to 51 people over the age of 65 with varying degrees of need.

Residential Care

We offer residential care for 65 yrs + we are also registered to care for people living with dementia.

Respite Care

We offer respite care on a short term basis. Great if you or your family want to take a break.

Guest Accommodation

En-suite facilities available on site for your family or other guests to stay

Our Railway Heritage

Our charity was founded in 1885 in Jeffrey’s Road, Clapham and became the London and South Western Railway Servants’ Orphanage and then ultimately Woking Homes. Through many changes, we have kept our close association with the railway industry.

Our Railway Heritage


A green train passing a tall green hedge

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